Waseef, 40- Diabetes

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in October 2020 and the idea of being on a tablet for the rest of my life, was not one I was looking forward to. Both my parents have been diagnosed Diabetic, with my Father being on Dialysis twice a week and already having experienced loss of eyesight in one eye, 5 years ago. I was determined to reverse the Diabetes and changed my diet, increased my exercise frequency and tried to live a healthier life. With the assistance of prescribed medication, my sugar levels became more manageable, but the minute I stopped taking my meds, my sugar levels would spike again. I started taking Rhizo Health in April 2021, twice a week as directed and immediately started feeling differently, I felt a bit more up beat... as if my cells were celebrating. I stopped taking prescribed medication and only used Rhizo Health for 3 months, at which point I was scheduled for another blood test. My latest bloods reflect that the Diabetes has successfully been reversed and I have subsequently recommended that both my parents start taking it as well.

Zeldine, 21- PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Menstrual Cycle Regulation and Stomach Pain

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 18. Because I only started my menstrual cycle (showers) in Grade 11, I went to see a Gynaecologist and the scans confirmed Cysts on both my Ovaries. After that I developed Acne and went to see a Dermatologist.
Throughout the years the products prescribed worked, but after being taken off of my year long meds cycle because of an allergic reaction, I heard about Rhizo Health.

It was as if a light switch was flipped! I started taking it twice a week and after a month my menstrual cycle returned, where in the past it would skip 2-4 months. The only logical explanation is Rhizo Health, because since I've started taking it, my skin has also shown an improvement.

No other product has healed and cleared my skin from the inside. I couldn't believe that after I stopped taking my prescription meds, I found something that regulates my menstrual cycle in a natural, organic way.

Before I started Rhizo Health, I would get stomach pain. It was a burning sensation and I've also been to the Dr. for a diagnosis, but he just gave me pills to take. I used to take about 2-3 of them daily, but since I started taking Rhizo Health the pain has gone away and no more pills for me!!

It still astounds me, but I believe in this product and feel so much more energetic!

Le-Anka, 23- Overall Health

I'm a sick person. I often do not feel well. Every day when I get up I feel sick, but I can never pinpoint what is wrong. It's like a bunch of things that go wrong at once. So bad that I just want to lie down all day!! Ever since I started drinking Rhizo Health I can not even remember when last I felt sick! I feel great every day!
I just have my whole family on Rhizo Health!!


Shayline, 32- Digestive Relief

I've been struggling with my digestive system for soooo long it's not even funny! I have been for so many tests and no one could prescribe anything that really helps.
I feel so much better since using Rhizo Health! Needless to say it's the first product I've ordered twice, because it really works! 1000% recommend!!!

Cilla, 50- Myasthenia Gravis

Thank you for this product! I am a rare disease warrior, Myasthenia Gravis (MG) and had regular inflammation and pain. Since using Rhizo Health I feel so much better.

Hettie, 43- Stomach Ulcer, Constipation, Bloating, Food Allergies & Mood

From day one I could feel a difference. Rhizo Health helped with my stomach ulcer, constipation, bloating, food allergies, mood and so much more.
Fantastic Product!!

Janine, 43- Increased Energy, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Balanced Gut Health & Immune System

Rhizo Health has absolutely changed my life! Given me increased energy levels throughout the day, balanced my Gut health, my small intestinal bacterial overgrowth has disappeared and our immunity as a family has been boosted. I would highly recommend Rhizo Health.

Jenny, 42- Frozen Shoulder & Burn Wound

Our family has been using Rhizo Health for about four months now. It's the first time in 10 years that I do not sit with constant pain in my shoulder (frozen shoulder). Rhizo Health also healed a burn wound with oil in three days.  It is an excellent product.

Lizna, 31- Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum tummy issues are a thing! Especially after intermittent hormones, antibiotics etc. Also used a lot of Probiotics, but nothing worked as well as Rhizo Health, I would recommend it to everyone.

Maridy, 55- Autism (Julia, 24)

My Autistic daughter's mood and general condition of her Gut health is 100% better since using Rhizo Health. It is common for Autistics to battle with Gut problems due to funny eating habits. She is much clearer of mind because her stomach is sorted out now.

Welri, 36- Diabetes & IBS

Our whole family has been using Rhizo Health for the last 5 months now. My Mom is a Diabetic, her sugar levels are back to normal and I have been struggling with IBS for years. Rhizo Health is the way to go!! I have now recommended so many people to use Rhizo Health and everyone just has good things to say about it. Love the product. Have tried lots of other stuff and nothing works like the black stuff. The best product on the market!! I threw away all my vitamins and we only use Rhizo Health now.

Chanel, 25- Get Health, Tonsillitis & Problem Skin

I've ordered Rhizo Health three times. It has helped me tremendously with my Gut. I recently realised that it helps me with my skin as well. The last time I used it, I had tonsillitis- I applied a bit to my tonsils and after two days there was no more swelling. This is really the best Probiotic one can use!

Chantal, 51- Problem Skin, Stomach Wall & Ulcers

Rhizo Health has helped my daughter's skin a lot once she started applying it topically. With me, my stomach wall and Ulcers are much better and calmer since using Rhizo Health.

Desire, 36- Constipation and Stomach Pain

I used to really battle with my childrens constipation and permanent tummy pains, but after only one week of Rhizo Health they became regular and after one month all of their problems were a thing of the past. Best product ever!!

Nandi, 51 - Gut Repair, IBS, Joint Inflammation

I have been battling for a while with a leaking gut coupled with IBS symptoms and joint inflammation. I started taking Rhizo Health at the beginning of March and am so very happy to say that the constant jabbing pain in my side disappeared after 3 weeks and my inflammation levels have decreased significantly, this product has certainly made such a difference in my quality of life.

Adriana, 25- Gut Repair, Inflammation, Gluten Intolerance

For the first two days I realised my skin was breaking out and I had a minor headache (which I saw as a form as detoxing). By day five my skin started clearing up, headache was gone, and my bowel movements became a lot more regular. By the time I went to bed I didn't have any cramps at all. The next morning, I had absolutely no bloat.

I stopped using Rhizo Health for ten days after being in a car accident. After my accident I was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for fifteen days, but I only took it for two days because I had no inflammation, which I felt was a result of the Rhizo Health. The Doctor said that I would be sore for two weeks, but after only four days I was up and moving because I had no inflammation. I didn't even think about the Rhizo Health at that point, but its effects remained even after I stopped using it.

When I started using it again, no breakouts and my bowel movement was constant instantly. By day two I realised that I woke up a lot less bloated than before. When I finished my first supply, I noticed my hair hasn't been falling out as much and also no headaches after eating Gluten- which was always a problem. My skin has improved tremendously, and I had no more cramps after eating Gluten, which meant NO BLOAT!!!! After eating in the evenings, I would sleep restlessly, however, Rhizo Health has improved my quality of sleep by allowing my body to be more comfortable.

This product really works WONDERS! It is astonishing how fast-acting it is. I tend to have tonsil stones, which I didn't experience while using this. My nails grow faster now, and my hair isn't falling out at all anymore. I also don't get stiff after gym at all. No muscle soreness after training, which I was always prone to as I exercise daily.

It is an absolute pleasure using something natural that actually works! I will continue using Rhizo Health as a monthly probiotic supplement as I honestly can say that this product works like magic!

This is one of those "too good to be true" products that surpasses all expectations!

Quenene, 33- Gut, Constipation & Menstrual Pain

I would like to share an interesting experience I had with Rhizo Health.

We have been using Rhizo Health for my 2-year-old for the past 3 weeks and we have had amazing results. She has had severe difficulty with passing of stools since we started her on solids at about 7 months old. We have tried literally every natural remedy/ cure on the market and although they all seemed to make a difference - results usually didn't last long and we had to use it for days on end before we saw any results at all. Rhizo Health sorted us out in literally minutes within the 1st dose of 5ml that I gave her. We now only give her 2.5ml every other day and we have NO MORE TEARS and SWEATING when she passes - I am so thankful that this product has saved us from all that used to be.

I have been struggling with endometriosis for many years & I am no stranger to severe pain during ovulation and menstrual cycles. I decided to immediately have a dose of Rhizo Health. I was hopeful and with good reason. Within 15 minutes of taking the Rhizo, my cramping had completely disappeared - I was astonished!!! I know that Rhizo Health isn't intended for this purpose - but I felt the need to share my story with you. I will definitely have my bottle of Rhizo handy come next cycle.

My heartfelt thanks to you for introducing me to this miracle.

Tamzin, 19- IBS

I was diagnosed with IBS, but not given advice on treatment by the Doctors. I badly suffered with stomach cramps, inconsistent bowels and lower back ache. I came across Rhizo Health and it really has helped me so much. I'm not suffering with pain anymore and feel so much better & healthier.

Jody, 39- Crohn's Disease

I've been struggling with Crohn's Disease since 1994, every year it would come back in full force and flatten me! Naturally I'd need to see a Doctor or Specialist & every time they'd prescribe Cortisone and chronic medication and send me on my way.
Recently I was asked to trial Rhizo Health and test the results. During this flare up I stopped all meds and only used the Rhizo Health. Within two days 99% of my symptoms went away and by the end of week 4 all of them were gone.
I am relieved, because I never believed in treating only the symptoms as they've done all these years. I'm hoping that by sticking to the Rhizo Health as my monthly Probiotic Supplement I can treat the problem and never have to take medication again.

Nicolene, 34- Blood Pressure, Energy Levels, Mouth Ulcer, Constipation, Problem Skin

My daughter, Avigayil- 6 years old, struggle with her iron- and energy levels, that influences her concentration. After using Rhizo Health only twice, she hasn't had low blood pressure or low energy levels again.
My son, Adriaan- 9 years old, had a mouth ulcer that was healed after only one topical application of Rhizo Health.
My skin showed improvement after 2 topical applications and ingestion of Rhizo Health. My constipation has also completely healed.

We are still using Rhizo Health, and thus far it has healed every condition we treated with it. We are very excited and satisfied with this remarkable product.

Pumi, 36- Heartburn & Acid Reflux

I've been suffering from heartburn and acid reflux for the past two years, as a result I needed to take daily medication to assist with the condition.
I read up on the benefits of Rhizo Health, decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did! I now don't take anti-acids everyday and I don't suffer from reflux as much as I used to.

Rochelle, 36- UTI

I had been struggling with a UTI for a few days, taking Citro-Soda as I usually do. It usually does the trick, however this time nothing was helping. On Sunday I felt a sharp pain under my ribcage on my left. This was accompanied with fatigue as well as cold sweats. I was in bed all of the Monday and half day Tuesday, unable to move from the pain.

Wednesday evening, I took Rhizo Health and resigned myself to the fact that I will have to go back to the Doctor to get an antibiotic. I woke up on Thursday, to a slight pain in my side, nothing unbearable. I could walk easily, up straight, and my UTI seems to have cleared up judging from my pain whilst urinating.

Pierre, 59- Gout

I started having Gout- like symptoms to the point where I couldn't walk on my foot, swollen ankle, red inflamed. I went to see a Doctor and he gave me a prescription that didn't really help much. I started drinking Rhizo Health every night and within 2-3 nights of usage the swelling went down and I could walk again.
I'm feeling so much better!

Kules, 69- Gout, Inflammation & Constipation

I had intense stiffness, pain and "trigger fingers". The Specialists I went to see for my condition didn't know exactly what was wrong or the way forward. I started using Rhizo Health and after my first bottle 98% of my problem was gone. Even my periodic constipation. I am eagerly awaiting my next month supply.

Rensie, 79- Back Pain

Rhizo Health has helped me with relief of my back pain and also to keep my bowel movement regular.

Azel, 22 - Low Oxygen Levels & High Heart Rate

Towards the end of February 2021, I fell very ill, nothing seemed to help. We were monitoring my heart rate and oxygen levels at home and it would be 93% oxygen with a resting heart rate of 140 BPM. Then we crossed paths with Rhizo Health. Within two days of use my blood oxygen level went up to 97% and my heart rate down to 97 BPM. Rhizo Health is an amazing product!! It did for me in two days what other products couldn't do in a week.

Annalize- 52, Diabetes & Chronic Sinusitis

As a Diabetic, I have a lot of trouble with stabilising my blood sugar levels- around 06:00-07:00 in the mornings, when I haven't had my diabetic medication yet, I get very shaky. Also, in the afternoons around 16:00, my blood sugar levels drop, and I have to eat something for it to lift. Within the first week of using Rhizo Health, all the shakes and also drop in blood sugar levels have gone away. I now eat when I want to eat.

My Chronic Sinusitis has also improved.

Nick, 80- Diabetes, Back Pain & Piles

I have been using Rhizo Health for two months and can report pain relief in my back.
It also got rid of my piles.

The best result is my sugar levels. I am a diabetic and battled to keep my sugar levels under 8 (5.5 considered normal). I used 120mg Gliclazide plus 3000mg Metformin Hydrochloride as 45 units of Insulin per day. At the moment my sugar levels are 6. I have cut my Metformin Hydrochloride by 1000mg and Insulin by 9 units per day.

I feel wonderful.

Chris, 41- Diabetes & Covid-19 Recovery

In the beginning of the year I contracted Covid-19 and fell into a deep illness. I managed to recover, but my body was completely shattered. My blood sugar levels spiked to a consistent 25.3 and my Doctor almost had a heart attack when she saw me. I immediately cut any form of carbs and started using Rhizo Health two weeks after and immediately started feeling more energetic. Through the combined effort of Rhizo Health, diet and easy exercise my blood sugar has now been stable at 5.3 for the last two months. Tests have confirmed that my Oxygen levels, brain health and serotonin levels have drastically improved. My brain is sharp, and I have lost 24kg that I keep off without much effort.

Rhizo Health will be a constant part of my life from now on.


Limari, 36 - Respiratory Infection

Wow, this product is powerful! After two weeks of coughs, I nebulized both my kids ages 2 and 5 with Rhizo Health twice after which their chests completely cleared, and coughing stopped. My 2-year-old daughter had a runny nose, which turned to dark green mucus overnight. We nebulized her once in the morning with Rhizo Health for 10minutes (while watching a video) and the mucus turned clear by lunch. She went to bed with cleared airway passages.

Litani, 28- Eczema

I have been battling with Eczema on my hands since I was a child. I started using Rhizo Health and my hands started to improve within the first month of use.

Quinnica, 29- Upper Respiratory Infection & Sinusitus

My son (4) and I had great results with Rhizo Health. My son struggled with upper respiratory infection and myself with sinus. We nebulized with it and within the first day we already felt better. As soon as I feel that my sinus is starting again, I start to nebulize with Rhizo Health and always feel better afterwards. Definitely- our new go to for any sinus or upper respiratory issues.

Alta, 52- Covid-19 Recovery

My husband, daughter and I had all the symptoms of Covid-19. We ingested and nebulized with Rhizo Health. Within a few days my husband and daughter had a complete turn for the best. I took a bit longer, because I don't have a milt.

Rhizo Health changed our lives.

Annique, 18- Covid-19 Recovery

I tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday, on Wednesday used the wonder product Rhizo Health and the next day I already felt a dramatic improvement.

Devon, 28 - Covid-19 Recovery

I believe referring to the chain of events prove significant facts to the product as well as it's success.

I had Covid with extreme symptoms 2 days before I started the Rhizo Health Probiotic.

Covid treatment diary:
Day 1 (Friday 18 June 2021)- took 5ml with half a glass of water at 18:00
Body and joints still in pain and muscles feeling stiff, fevers on going and sinuses still blocked and chest slightly tight.

Day 2 (Saturday 19 June 2021)- took 5ml with half a glass of water at 10;30
Fevers and body ache subsided and feeling allot better. Sinuses starting to clear up slowly and chest still a bit tight. Complete loss of taste and smell.

Day 3 (Sunday 20 June 2021)- took 5ml with half a glass of water at 21:00
Feeling stronger and regaining my energy. Still no sense of taste or smell. Still feel tightness on chest and blocked nose.

Day 4 (Monday 21 June 2021)- took 5ml with half a glass of water 19:00
Still have a bit of phlegm on chest, blocked nose and no sense of taste and smell. No body aches, no fevers which is a great relief.

After Day 4 it did not feel like I needed the Rhizo Health Probiotic as I felt allot better and could not believe how quickly I recovered compared to my associates that had the same symptoms at the same time as what I had. I however finished it and feel on top of the world.
I would honestly recommend Rhizo Health probiotic to anyone that feels symptomatic, has Covid or would simply like to restore their body to start feeling good again.

Lyndsey, 35- Allergic Reaction

I had an allergic reaction to new foundation. I applied Rhizo health to my face topically and the healing that took place was really great. Pictures attached is of day one, day two and day four.

Willie, 70- Diabetic Foot

We did a 6 day sample treatment of Rhizo Health on a sudden foot rash on top of a Charcot foot. Other skin treatments that were suggested by trusted sources was very costly with no assurance that it'll work. The Rhizo Health started to work from the first application and the skin now looks better than it did before the condition appeared. The results in images were after three treatments of Rhizo Health and then maintaining with Saline.
We will start with the Rhizo Health on an ulcer asap and also to treat diabetes symptoms.

Jeanne-Marie,26- Staphylococcus Aureus

I bought a bottle of Rhizo Health after reading about all of it's benefits. The idea was that I would give it to my sons, aged 6 and 3, once a week just as a boost. Little did I know that Rhizo health will would soon become daily necessity in our house. At the time of buying my bottle of Rhizo health, my 3 year old had just recovered from Croup, but was left with a lingering runny nose. The following day he ended up having to use a night nappy from another brand due to an incorrect delivery from an online retailer and I didn't have the time to exchange it. The next morning he woke up with a terrible reaction that resulted in an infection from the Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria. This infection rapidly spread to his nose and I was left with a very miserable little boy who was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort. I started giving him Rhizo Health to drink daily and also applied some diluted Rhizo Health to his groin and nose. I also nebulized him with some Rhizo Health to make sure that I was really reaching the deeper part of the nasal cavity. By the next morning I could see a remarkable difference and we carried on with this protocol until his nose and groin were completely healed.
I am blown away by how quickly Rhizo Health could eradicate the Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria and will never be without it again! I also have to add that I gave my 6 year old one dose a week for 3 weeks and he no longer bites his nails, which is something he's been doing for over a year and nothing helped until we started him on Rhizo Health.
Rhizo Health, is without a doubt the most amazing thing I have ever come across.


Attila, 63- Wound Infection

My elbow injury occurred a year ago, minor trauma, but resulting in bursitis. This formed a sinus and started to drain mid-March. After two months of dressings and the wound not closing, I had my first Surgery.
Debridement and Closure on 16/05/20
My other Surgery dates were:
24/06/2020 Debridement, Closure with drain inserted
23/09/2020 Debridement and Closure
11/11/2020 Skin flap
All done by a renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

From May until 4/12/2020, the wound was cared for by a wound sister twice a week, with and without vac's. Various puss swabs, usually showing Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (a multi drug resistant Pathogen).
Various courses of Antibiotics etc. etc.
The wound was approached by standard 21st century practices and as from August 2020 under the mindful watch of a highly regarded expert on wound healing by his peers.

I received Rhizo Health from a friend and applied the Probiotic Culture diluted with water 3x over a 36hour period between 05/07/2020 - 07/12/2020 and went to the wound care sister the morning of 07/12/2020. I showed Prof what I had been applying. Another Rhizo Health dressing was applied, and the vac was put back on and the wound started looking smutty again that evening. I threw the Vac away and applied another Rhizo Health dressing immediately thereafter and could already see a change again the next morning. Ever since, the wound has had damp normal saline dressings applied, then left open.

The wound was pretty much left to its own device the last 4-5weeks and is now closed.
The wound never got re-infected, despite the fact that my immune system could not have been at its best with all the Covid and work stress of being a General Practitioner in such an environment mounting.

Gerrie, 47- Wound Infection

On my way home from work, I got attacked by 3 men who stabbed me with a screw driver. The wound became septic and the clinic couldn't help me. I started using Rhizo Health topically on wound and also internally. The wound healed amazingly without any complications.

Elrina, 51 - Wound Infection

My son is 23 years old. His finger was infected by dangerous bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus.

The Doctors treated the infected area on his finger in their best and correct way. The finger first got worse and after 1 week's treatment it started showing slow healing. After another week, the finger was about 50% better. We then came in contact with the wonderful product, Rhizo Health!

The finger was dipped in the solution only 3 times for 15minutes respectively in a 36hour period. After only 2 days a miraculous healing took place (I would say 85%) on the infected area. New skin was formed. On the 3rd day the "old" skin was gone- it vanished. The healing that took place is an absolute wonder- wonder working product right out of heaven!

Thank you so much for your research in compiling this wonder working product, Rhizo Health.

Lindy, 33-Warts

My daughter (age 6) has suffered with terrible warts all over her fingers for about a year now. We tried most other natural methods but nothing seemed to clear them for good. After two doses of Rhizo Health (she had 2.5ml once a week for two weeks) the warts actually started completely disappearing! We were absolutely amazed. They have all pretty much completely disappeared!

Tell us what Rhizo Health has done for you: